Take One Picture

Renoir's "The Umbrellas"


The whole school were involved in this National Gallery project and found the whole experience to be extremely rewarding and memorable!

Having already taken part in the project using Molenaer's "Two Boys and a Girl Making Music" as our inspiration, the children had been urging us to do it again!

As a staff we had the painting up in the staff room with an ideas board for everyone to put down observations, raise questions and gather possible ways forward for using the painting. Several planning meetings ensued and we embarked on the project in the Spring Term 2009, with the painting as a whole school focus for all our project work.



Main Focus Areas

Owls class

(years 4,5,6)

Making umbrellas and raising standards in writing

Woodpeckers class (years 2,3)

Making an Edwardian dress (as worn by the lady with the basket)

Robins class (Reception, year 1)

Fortnightly focus areas: textiles, buttons, blue, umbrellas, rain and ice


The headteacher had no specific class commitment this year and could therefore work with each class on occasions

Willow project - sculpture work

Focus character from the painting for each class (large portraits, frames, descriptive writing, stories, poems and animation films)

Enterprise club

Setting up a 'gift/souvenir shop' for the exhibition producing different related goods to sell.

Whilst these were the main focus areas, each class inevitably produced much more related work and although planned, the project was still organic and grew and was extended in ways we did not anticipate at the beginning - something that makes the teaching and learning really rewarding and exciting!

Project Development

The project lasted the full spring term for the whole school, culminating in a large exhibition for the whole community. The work enabled us to develop key skills in Literacy, Science, ICT, Art, Design and Technology, PHSE, Music, as well as provide opportunities for our Enterprise Club for fund raising. With the school having a focus on writing, we tracked carefully to see the impact of the project on raising standards and were delighted with the results.

Our Learning

Click on one of the photos below to find out more about what we did:

Making a Dress


Take One Character

Willow Project

Exhibition and Art work


ICT, Science, Music

Enterprise Club


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