Our Classes

Robins Class
Woodpeckers Class
Owls Class

Robins class has children from reception (Foundation Stage 2) and year 1. They have a lovely outside play area, where they can draw, play games, explore in the sand tray and construct large structures with the building blocks. Their home corner changes each term and has been a garden centre, doctors surgery and farm shop. Robins work with Mrs Grant and Mrs Newbury. 

Woodpeckers class are based in the main building and have children in years 2 and 3. They work with Mrs Lapham. Woodpeckers have a lovely classroom and access to ten laptops in the hall as well as three PCs in their own room. Like all the classes, Woodpeckers have an interactive whiteboard, which helps both teaching and learning.

Owls class is next to Robins and has children from years 4, 5 and 6. They have lots of different responsibilities in school and always try to look after the younger children and be good role models. Owls work with Mr Dix, our Assistant Head, and look forward to their residential visit each year to a PGL site. This year they are going to Little Canada on the Isle of Wight.