Welcome to Horningsham Village 

Horningsham Primary School is a community school. The village is very important to us and we are luck to have a very supportive and active community who work together. The school is part of the Village Fayre Committee and work with other members of the community to plan activities throughout the year to raise money for all the main organisations in the village. The school makes good use of the Village Hall and green for different activities; performing our Christmas play, PTA events and PE and Sports day. 

Longleat is at the heart of the community and is very good to the school; providing the children with a fantastic Christmas part every year with Lord Bath, amongst other things! We hold our Christmas Carol Service and Leavers' Service at the church every year. We often visit the church and chapel as part of the curriculum (RE, Creative Writing, Photography, Art, History ...). The school contributes to the Village Newsletter each month and invites members of the community in to work with the children. Our World Book Day is a lovely example of this, where parents, grandparents and villagers come in and share their favourite stories with the children. The school also seeks the views of the village on local issues, such as the School Travel Plan.