Take One Picture Project 2006

As a way of developing a creative curriculum, the school took part in the National Gallery's Take One Picture Project in 2006. The challenge was to deliver the curriculum through one painting! The gallery chose Molenaer's "Two Boys and a Girl Making Music". The staff all went to London for an INSET day and came away totally inspired! We spent a whole term using the painting as a focus for our work in Science, Literacy, Art, DT, Music, PHSE, ICT and some Numeracy. We even took the whole school up to London to see the painting first hand.


It was an amazing experience, and one the children will never forget. We submitted our work in progress to the National Gallery, along with hundreds of other schools, and couldn't believe it when the Gallery came to visit us and selected some of our work to exhibit in a special exhibition in London.



The children enjoyed it so much they've kept asking us when we are going to do the project again! As a result we are currently doing the project at the moment - basing all of our work this term on Renoir's "The Umbrellas".